ELPAC Level 6 Examiner Course [ELPAC-L6E]

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EUROCONTROL organises accreditation courses for experienced ELPAC examiners wishing to become ELPAC Level 6 examiners. Course participants will be introduced to the challenges of assessing language proficiency at ICAO level 6 and the ELPAC L6 test format.
Accredited ELPAC examiner, high level of command of English language, linguistic awareness and intercultural sensitivity.
The aim of the course is to raise participants’ linguistic awareness. After successfully demonstrating their abilities in assessing English at ICAO level 6, course participants will receive a recommendation for accreditation as ELPAC level 6 examiners (OPE and/or ELE).
ELPAC examiners (OPE and/or ELE).
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IANS, Luxembourg
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