Introduction to FEAST Classic and FEAST PLUS [FEAST-PLUS]

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  • Practical exercises
This training module offers an introduction to FEAST Classic and FEAST Plus.
FEAST Classic will expand the current FEAST I test battery by two more tests.
FEAST Plus is a new optional module in the FEAST test system which will include 5 new tests that may be chosen to complement the current FEAST test system. The additional tests are a response to changing ability requirements in modern and more automated controller working positions. At the same time FEAST Plus will help to assess skills and abilities that are not yet fully reflected in the current test system.
In the training course participants will learn about the background of the development of FEAST Plus and the practical administration of the tests in the software application. The newly designed FEAST Classic will also be covered in the training. In addition, course participants will receive the opportunity to experience all new tests hands-on.

The training is intended to give FEAST user additional information on the upcoming release of FEAST Classic and FEAST Plus.
Accredited staff from FEAST user organisations (FEAST administrators and FEAST users).
Certificate awarded
All candidates will receive a certificate of attendance.
No fee applies for course participants from Member States’ competent authorities and certified organisations. The training cost is sponsored by the EUROCONTROL Work Programme.

The price per course participant from other organisations or individuals is 320 EUR.
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