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FEAST - Administrator training (including tests) [FEAST-ADM-T]

Classroom Course
  Practical exercises

This training module offers a full training on the FEAST Administrator role. The course is suitable for staff which is newly appointed to the FEAST Administrator role.
The role of the FEAST Administrator is to assure quality in selection procedures, to prepare, organise and supervise testing sessions. The course offers a familiarization with all FEAST tests, including FEAST Classic, FEAST Plus, DART, the MULTI-PASS test and the FPQ. Furthermore, the training course covers best practice in the test administration of FEAST and offers a familiarisation and practical training on the software platform that hosts the FEAST tests and the database. Accreditation as a FEAST administrator is a prerequisite for the FEAST user role.

Training for FEAST Administrator role.
This course is designated for newly appointed staff.
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IANS, Luxembourg
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