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The FPQ course provides a training on the use of the FEAST Personality Questionnaire (FPQ). The FPQ was developed and is specifically designed for the selection of ab initio students and allows the assessment of personality characteristics relevant in the training of ATC students. The training gives an introduction to personality assessment methods and provides an overview on the background and design of the FPQ tool. Using practical examples participants learn how to interpret scores and how to use the tool as part of their selection system. The FPQ training is often accompanied by an optional second day of training, the Basic Interview Skills training. The optional training module is offered for FEAST users with little experience in interviewing and for those with no experience in the use of personality questionnaires in interviews. The Interviews Skills training places particular emphasis on the use of the FPQ during the job interview. Participants who are interested in this optional second training module need to register for the FEAST-SelSk course in addition. Accreditation as a FEAST user is a prerequisite for participation to this course.
Training on the use of the FEAST Personality Questionnaire (FPQ).
This course takes place over 1 days.
Accredited FEAST users and psychologists from FEAST user organisations.
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