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ICAO Language Proficiency Test Design Guidelines Workshop [WKS-ICAO]

9 Oct 2019 09:00
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11 Oct 2019 14:00
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72 places
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A number of features are critical to the overall effectiveness, validity and fairness of an ICAO LPR test. ICAEA’s Test Design Guidelines examine these areas in detail, and, how each plays a vital role in how well a test aligns with the objectives of the LPRs and best practices in specific-purpose language assessment.

ICAEA is scheduling a series of events especially designed for licensing authority personnel, to introduce and provide practical help how to apply the Test Design Guidelines. Each 2.5-day workshop will examine the contents of the Guidelines in detail, look at case studies and provide opportunities for participants to share experiences.

licensing authority personnel, test designers, training managers of CAAs, airlines, and ANSPs.
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IANS, Luxembourg