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Team Resource Management (TRM) focuses on safe human performance and teamwork in ATM operations. TRM explores the gap between "Work as Imagined" and "Work as Done" in HF terms - when done well it zooms in on the things that go well in the daily OPS and facilitates ways to replicate the success. It encourages exchange and understanding of operational pitfalls as well thus strengthening the human safety net. This three-day course provides an understanding of TRM, an awareness of the benefits of TRM for the operational safety culture and the methods ideally employed in TRM activities, as well as the reasons for using them. The course deals with implementation questions and with "how to" when setting up the organisational TRM activities, including logistics and the training of the facilitators."TRM is a philosophy which helps us realise that we all are just humans, a philosophy which will help us put in place more and better safety nets, a philosophy which will help each one of us play a better and more constructive part in our own team and the larger aviation team of which we are part." according to a major European ANSP.
The course is designed to support ATCO, ATSEP, AIM and other professionals in their effort in addressing Human Factors and Safety in ATM operations. After completing the course, participants will have an understanding of Team Resource Management concepts and theory. This will serve as a good foundation for planning the implementation of local training in TRM techniques and/or maintenance of an existing program.
Implementing and running TRM training, as developed by EUROCONTROL, serves as an Acceptable Means of Compliance to fulfil the HF learning  requirements in ATCO Continuation Training part of the EU Commission Regulation 2015/340.
This course is designed for ATM professionals with a good understanding of operational matters that are interested to learn about TRM program.
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No fee applies for course participants from Member States’ competent authorities and certified organisations. The training cost is sponsored by the EUROCONTROL Work Programme. The price per course participant from other organisations or individuals is 960 EUR.
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