Introduction to ATM (ATCO Basic CCCv1) [GEN-ATM-INTRO]

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A flight through busy European airspace is the central theme for this introduction to Air Traffic Management e-learning module. As the flight progresses we see how the Air Traffic Management (ATM) system ensures that the aircraft - and its occupants - reach their destination safely and as close to the planned schedule as possible.
It outlines:
• The organisation of airspace
• The time sequence for flow management and flight events
• The data flow and interactions between databases and controller working positions
• The dialogues between pilots and air traffic controllers
• Some of the many acronyms used in ATM are explained.
This course will provide participants with an overview of:
• how the future European Air Traffic Management system may develop,
• the elements and enablers that will make the system to work, and
• the strategy for its implementation.
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