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e-Learning Course
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12 Months
max. study period
2 Hours
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The ATCO Basic FIS Training Material e-learning revision module contains 8 topics:
1. Before we start (introduction)
2. Briefing office
3. Operational Information
4. Responsibility for FIS
5. Traffic Info
6. Hazard Alerts
7. Transmission of Information and
8. Self-test assessment
Important Note
Note: Additional ATCO FIS Basic Training Material, to be delivered face to face as part of an approved course, is available. Administrations that want to use it are kindly requested to contact Training Zone Operations.

This course will be discontinued as of 2020.
This Training Material covers the objectives of Basic training ATM subtopic: Flight Information Service from the EUROCONTROL Specification for ATCO CCC Initial training. It supports the classroom training which will enable ATCO ab-initio students to describe the basic principles of Flight Information Service and to issue information to aircraft.
This e-learning is designed for participants in ATCO ab-initio training (both instructors and ab initio)
Certificate awarded
Candidates who finish the course will receive a certificate of completion.
This course is free of charge.
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