ATCO Basic Aircraft [ATC-I-BASIC-ACFT]

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This course aims at teaching the subject of Aircraft to Ab-initio air traffic controller students. Its content is according to the requirements specified within:
  • EUROCONTROL Specification for the ATCO Common Core Content Initial Training Edition 2.0 of 02/04/2015 (EUROCONTROL-SPEC-157)
  • COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) 2015/340 of 20 February 2015 laying down the technical requirements and administrative procedures relating to air traffic controllers’ licences and certificates -  SUBPART D —AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLER TRAINING / APPENDIX 2 of Annex I —BASIC TRAINING / Subject 6: AIRCRAFT
  • EASA Executive Director Decision 2015/010/R of 13 March 2015 adopting Acceptable Means of Compliance and Guidance Material to Commission Regulation (EU) 2015/340
The modules of this course can be delivered either as a supplement to a conventional instructor guided training or as a very efficient and comprehensive self-study e-learning course that enables the student to follow his/her progress with reach test and feedback mechanism through individualised and self-paced training.
When used as a supplement, the modules or just their individual parts can be used:
  • as illustration or examples in form of a classroom training tool / aid;
  • as guided WBT
  • to supplement different group exercises
  • for knowledge consolidation after a lesson has been delivered (homework)
  • for revision and individual study by the students
  • and for student progress monitoring during the course
The question database contains about 2000 multimedia questions structured and distributed as per the objectives of the AIRCRAFT subject syllabus. The system will automatically score each test taken and will present detailed feedback to the participant.
Learners shall describe the basic principles of the theory of flight and aircraft characteristics and how these influence ATS operations.
ATC Ab-initio students
This course is free of charge.
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