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This course has been designed to introduce non-ATM experts to the field of Air Traffic Management and Air Navigation Services. 

The first section of the course is called the Introduction to ATM and includes the following topics:
- Air Traffic Management and Air Navigation Services
- Air Traffic Control
  •     Why do we need ATC?
  •     Airspace, structures and classification
  •     Systems, standards and rules
  •     How ATC works
  •     Types of ATC
  •     More about how ATCs communicate
  •     Keeping aircraft separated
  •     Having a go at controlling aircraft
- A deeper look at ATM/ANS
  •     Flight information and advisory service
  •     Alerting and Search and Rescue service
  •     Airspace Management and Air Traffic Flow Management
  •     Aeronautical Information Service
  •     Meteorological Service
- The Global Picture
  •     International Civil Aviation Organisation
  •     The global challenges

The second section is about ATM/ANS in Europe and includes the following topics:
- Main actors in the European ATM environment
  •    Global and European
  •    National level
  •    Associations
- Managing European ATM
  •    The challenges
  •    The Network Manager
  •    Cost and efficiency
  •    Efficiency and safety
  •    Capacity
This course will provide participants with an overview of:
  • how ATM works and how air traffic controllers do their job
  • it explains air traffic management from a global perspective using structures and concepts that have been agreed at international level, and
  • takes a more detailed look at how ATM functions in the European environment
This course has been designed for anyone who wants to learn more about Air Traffic Management and Air Navigation Services. It will be of interest for both complete beginners and those who already have some knowledge of ATM.
This course is free of charge.
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