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All Clear? Air Ground Communications for Controllers and Pilots [ATC-R-ALCL]

e-Learning Course
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12 Months
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  • Video lectures
  • Case studies with experts
  • Practical exercises
Air traffic controllers know a lot about air-ground communications. So why do communication problems still create difficulty and cause incidents? The All Clear? e-learning module attempts to investigate why sometimes communication problems still occur and focuses on expectation bias in human behaviour.
The module is light and includes rich media elements such as videos, animations and a game. Some background information regarding expectation bias is also included.
Important Note
This course includes content that requires the Adobe Flash plugin to be installed and enabled.
  • To refresh air traffic controllers knowledge on issues surrounding air ground communication with a focus on human behaviour in relation to expectation bias.
  • To provide hints and tips on how, better knowledge of how humans operate can help controllers improve communications with colleagues and with the flight crews.
ATC Ab-initio students
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Candidates who finish the course will receive a certificate of completion.
This course is free of charge.
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