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Level Bust is defined as any unauthorised vertical deviation of more than 300 feet from an ATC flight clearance. Within Reduced Vertical Separation Minima (RVSM) airspace this limit is reduced to 200 feet.
A Level Bust or altitude deviation occurs when an aircraft fails to fly at the level to which it has been cleared, regardless of whether actual loss of separation from other aircraft or the ground results.
A Level Bust can result in loss of separation between aircraft or between an aircraft and the terrain or a ground obstruction.
The aim of this course is to increase the awareness of pilots and ATCOs of the fundamental causes of level busts and to suggest means by which they can be prevented. It highlights a number of different issues which have been identified as prime sources of level busts or are relevant for regaining a safe situation. The course includes the following topics:
• Air/Ground Communications
• SOPs
• ATC Procedures
• Aircraft Equipment
• Airspace Design

This training course was developed in conjunction with EUROCONTROL’s Level Bust toolkit
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