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RAD Application training [NMO-NCONECT-RAD]

Classroom Course
  Practical exercises
This RAD Application training for NM 23.5 release covers the following elements:
  • Basics and generals concepts of the new RAD HMI
  • New RAD Grammar and terminology (e.g. amendment, live amendment versus single restriction entities)
  • Concept of new workflow
  • How to create and update RAD restrictions, amendments, live updates
  • How to plott restrictions on a map
To able to use operationally the newly developed RAD application in creating new and updating existing RAD restrictions.
National RAD Coordinators and Local National RAD Coordinators (ANSP) in ECAC area except Iceland and Azerbaijan. National RAD Coordinators and Local National RAD Coordinators (ANSP) from Morocco and Israel.
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Certificate awarded
All candidates will receive a certificate of attendance.
HQ, Brussels (Belgium)
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