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Oversight of changes as per Reg 2017/373 [LEX-PRG-CHG-373]

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  • Video lectures
  • Tests
  • Case studies with experts
  • Practical exercises
This training programme focuses on oversight of changes in ATM/ANS as per Regulation No. 2017/373. It addresses all steps required for the approval of change management procedures, and the review a notified change to the functional system.
See individual course descriptions.
Important Note
This training programme is consistent with regulation No. 2017/373 (applicable from 2nd January 2020) and with its Acceptable Means of Compliance (AMC) and Guidance Material (GM).
A separate training programme [LEX-PRG-CHG-1034] addresses oversight of changes in ATM/ANS as per Regulations No. 1035/2011, 1034/2011 and 482/2008, which apply until 1st January 2020.
Given the significant differences, as far as ATM/ANS changes are concerned, between regulations No. 1035/2011, 1034/2011 and 482/2008 (applicable until 1st January 2020) and Regulation No. 2017/373 (applicable from 2nd January 2020), no credits can be transferred between the 2 training programmes.
After completing this training programme, participants will have a solid understanding of the oversight of changes, and will be able to assist in: 
  • the approval of the change management procedures for functional systems
  • the decision to review a notified change to the functional system, and in its review itself

as per Regulation No. 2017/373.
This course is designed for personnel working for a competent authority (including NSAs) and involved in the oversight of changes the ATM/ANS functional system as per Regulation No. 2017/373.
Certificate awarded
Certificates will be awarded for each course. In addition, participants who complete the programme will be awarded a certificate of achievement.
Course fees are charged based on course registrations. Please see individual course description for more information.
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