Aviation Law for Managers [LEX-LAW]

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The international aviation legal framework is often complex, but is essential knowledge for many managers working in the industry. This course provides a general understanding of some of the fundamentals of international aviation law.
Topics covered include the international legal and regulatory framework and the need for government regulation and for the development of bilateral and multilateral service agreements. The effect of European Community regulation on air transport is also discussed, as are liability and security issues.
The course will include practical exercises and an examination, and will conclude with an evaluation. The purpose of this examination is to assess the level of knowledge of each participant and to establish whether the specific course targets have been achieved.
Participants who successfully pass the examination will receive an IATA certificate and will qualify for the IATA Diploma in Civil Aviation Management.
Important Note
This course is provided in partnership with IATA and is available on request as in-company training. If you are interested, please contact
After completing the course, participants will have a general understanding of aviation law and its applications and will have explored some of the regulatory issues related to air navigation services, civil aviation and airlines.
This course is designed for managers and more generally any staff dealing with laws and regulations or who wish to improve their knowledge of the international legal framework applied to aviation.  
Persons specifically interested in the legal framework of the Single European Sky in Europe may attend the LEX-SES course.
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