Introduction to the ATM/ANS regulatory environment [LEX-SES-E]

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The ATM/ANS regulatory environment is developing rapidly and is increasingly affecting the way in which regulated parties operate: air navigation service providers, the competent ATM/ANS authorities (including the national supervisory authorities and EASA), the Network Manager, ATM/ANS system manufacturers, etc. It is therefore increasingly important to become familiar with relevant EU legislation in force and to keep up to date with ongoing regulatory developments.
This course offers the opportunity to develop an understanding of the ATM/ANS regulatory framework in Europe.
After completing the course, learners should be aware of:
  • the ICAO regulatory framework;
  • the EU regulatory framework (hierarchy and types of legal acts, rule-making mechanisms, etc.);
  • the scope, objective and overall content of the Single European Sky (SES) initiative;
  • the EASA rulemaking procedure;
  • the roles and responsibilities of the main players in the SES.
Anybody interested in EU legislation in the field of ATM/ANS.
This course is free of charge.
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Jean-Francois PIRIOU
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