NSA Training Programme [LEX-PRG-NSA]

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The NSA training programme is designed to support States’ obligations to ensure specific training for those involved in oversight activities. It will provide participants with:
  • a solid foundation in all of the core NSA functions as required by the EU legislation in force, and
  • an awareness of on-going regulatory developments.
After completing this training programme, participants will have a comprehensive and detailed understanding of the role, functions and all core activities of an NSA as required by EU legislation in force. The training programme will also provide participants with an awareness of on-going regulatory developments.
The training programme has been developed specifically for staff working at an NSA. It is ideally suited to those who have recently joined the organisation and wish to gain a comprehensive understanding of the role and function of an NSA. It will also be of value to those with some experience within an NSA who wish to develop their knowledge and skills related to specific NSA functions, in preparation for taking on greater responsibilities, for example. Although the training programme is focused on the oversight role of an NSA, the principles covered, and much of the content, are equally applicable to the work of other regulatory agencies. The courses are also of interest to those wishing to gain an understanding of regulatory functions and techniques, for example staff from providers of ATM/ANS services preparing to take on additional responsibilities which include working with the NSA or regulator.
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Overview of the courses available BEFORE + AFTER the publication of the new CR-O-IR/AMC/GM
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Certificate awarded
Certificates will be awarded for each course. In addition, participants who complete the programme will be awarded a certificate of achievement.
Jean-Francois PIRIOU
Course Manager