IFPS and Flight Planning E-learning [NMO-FPL-INTRO]

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The initial Integrated Flight Planning System (IFPS) is the centralised flight plan processing and distribution system that is in operation in Europe and is operated by the Network Manager.

This eLearning package explains the basic operation, objectives and features of the IFPS. It also introduces the basics of submitting and/or updating flight plans and associated messages. The package concludes with an overview of some of the special case situations that may be encountered when filing flight plans.

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:
-    Explain the purpose of the IFPS
-    Describe the scope of the IFPS
-    Submit and validate flights plans, including repetitive flight plans, with the IFPS
-    Describe the revalidation process
-    Carry out flight plan updates with the IFPS
-    Discuss the aircraft address code, special status flights, special airborne activities and supplementary information in the context of flight planning
Flight planners, airliner operators and anyone who is required to file flight plans with the IFPS.
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