Flight Efficiency: Re-routing & Fuel costs [NMO-ATFCM-FE]

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Aircraft operators face many challenges including very competitive and deregulated aviation markets, unstable fuel prices and environmental constraints.

Both ANSPs and Aircraft Operators (AO) have to improve the way they operate to ensure the sustainable growth of aviation whilst respecting the environment.

Flight efficiency has a significant economic and environmental impact and is therefore a key component of the sustainable growth goal.

This module will concentrate on the basic issues of Optimum Flight Planning and will suggest best practices from an ATFCM perspective.

Once you have completed this module, you should:
  • Be aware of the basic principles of Optimum Flight Planning and recognize the main constraints
  • Be able to use your knowledge about reducing the cost impact of ATFCM measures when applying re-routings, flight level (FL) capping and when managing scenarios

Finally by achieving the above mentioned objectives, you should be able to contribute to an increase in flight efficiency.
You need to plan 3 hours to complete this course
Network Operations staff,ATM staff,Flow Management Personnel
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