Flight Planning & Flight Management [NMO-FPFM-V]

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This online course covers the concepts and proposes a combined approach of different tools and system offered by NM in order the ensure the Planning and the Management of your flights through the IFPS - Integrated Initial Flight Planning System, the NOP - Network Operations Portal and the CIAO - Collaboration Human Machine Interface for Aircraft Operators.

The NMO-FPL-INTRO, NMO-ATFCM-BASIC and NMO-ATFCM-MSG e-learning courses are recommended.

Important Note
This course is the Virtual version of the Flight Planning & Flight Management  [NMO-FPFM].

To get a better theoretical and practical understanding of the IFPS, NOP and CIAO including the IFPUV, the Advanced Flight Management and the re-routing function AOWIR.

This course is only available for staff working in Airline or Military Operations or ARO and engaged with Flight Planning, Air Traffic Flow and Capacity Management and Network Operations.

This course is free of charge. The training cost is sponsored by the EUROCONTROL Work Programme.
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