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Air Traffic Flow and Capacity Management  is the way in which the peaks and dips in air traffic are managed so that the use of the available airspace capacity is maximised and air traffic control is protected from overload situations.

In Europe, the Network Manager Operations Centre, which is operated by EUROCONTROL, manages air traffic flow and capacity. This e-learning course provides a basic overview of how Air Traffic Flow and Capacity Managemen in Europet works.


On completing this course, the participant will be able to:

  • Explain why ATFCM is needed in Europe
  • Explain the purpose of the Network Management Operations Centre and how flights are affected by their processes
  • Explain the different phases in the ATFCM planning process
  • Explain how capacity shortfalls are dealt with and what processes are used
  • Describe what flight activation monitoring is
  • Describe which flights are affected by flight activation monitoring and how to react as an AO
  • Explain which messages are used to manage take off slot times
  • Explain how flight level non-compliance impacts the network

The primary audience are Network Operations customers, mainly Aircraft Operators, however this course will also be of interest for anyone from the general public who wants to know how air traffic flow and capacity management works.

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