Liability in ATM [GEN-LIABILITY]

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The Liabilities in ATM course provides an overview of the different liabilities and their distribution among the ATM stakeholders (ANSPs, airlines, system manufacturers) and roles (ATCOs, pilots, system designers and engineers). Liability distribution becomes more and more problematic as the level of automation increases in socio-technical systems, like ATM. The adoption of new technologies (e.g. integration of drones in non-restricted airspace, remote towers, AMAN and DMAN, etc.) brings changes in the distribution and attribution of liabilities. Automation may make decisions or perform actions which are not directly under the control of the controller. 
This course provides fundamental concepts and ready-to-use tools to support identification, analysis and resolution of liability attribution issues in organizations. It includes the analysis of case studies, including incidents and accidents. Case studies will be related to: integration of drones, new ATM technologies (e.g. Remote Tower, AMAN), cybersecurity attacks.
The course uses the Legal case, a methodology developed in SESAR and designed to collaborate with safety, security and human factors cases and support the overall ATM business case.
At the end of the course, participants will be able to:
- Identify liability issues in ATM;
- Analyse the impact of automation on liability distribution;
- Analyse and manage liability issues in their organizations;
- Develop a Legal Case to manage liability attribution changes in their organizations
-Staff from ANSPs, airlines, system manufacturer
-ATCOs, pilots, system designers and engineers
Certificate awarded
All candidates will receive a certificate of attendance.
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