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The first three days of the week-long Summer School Programme start with an overview of the current Air Traffic Management (ATM) situation and its main actors in a challenging context. Other topics covered are the European Union’s Performance Scheme, with its binding performance targets, and evolving traffic forecasts.
In addition to technical subjects, a pilot in active service with an airline will describe aviation’s constraints from an airline's point of view.
The last two days of the programme provide the participant with hands-on training on an air traffic controller’s tasks. After raising awareness about the different kinds of airspace used by commercial flights - how it is constructed and managed according to the landing, approach and en-route phases of flight -, the students are presented with traffic handling tools and safety nets used by controllers; they will also take a brief look at possible future tools.
This is all then brought together in a unique opportunity for participants to control traffic on high-fidelity simulators in the en-route phase of flight as well as a Tower simulation. Experienced air traffic control instructors will help participants maximise their understanding and appreciation of the thought processes required to handle busy traffic scenarios in modern-day European airspace.
This training course provides students with a unique opportunity to learn from the different experts lecturing in this Summer School Programme.
The following are mandatory e-learning courses:
The following are optional e-learning courses: NMO-ATFCM-OPS-E, ATC-I-BASIC-ACFT, ATC-I-BASIC-MET, ATC-I-HDG, ATC-PFDB, ATC-I-SEAP, ATC-PHRA
Separate registration is required for all these courses.
After completing the course, participants will have
- A thorough understanding of the existing European Air Traffic Management system and how it may evolve in the future.
- Hands-on experience practical training on high-fidelity ATC simulator on TWR, APP and ACC.
- Interaction and networking of students from different universities studying aviation related programs.
- One week (aviation) English interaction only
This course is designed for newcomers or university students in the domain of Air Traffic Management or Air Traffic Services who are eager to participate in a theoretical training in ATM as well as a practical ATC training.
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