Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems - ATM Integration [GEN-RPAS-ATM]

Classroom Course

RPAS have been dominating the press for quite some time. Mostly, however, from a military perspective. RPAS are a new airspace user and civil use is growing very fast. The objective of this course is to inform participants of what an RPAS is, how they work, and what are the obstacles to safely integrating them in all airspace classes.

The course takes an ATM perspective. Although the course is accessible to a wider audience, a basic knowledge of ATM would be an advantage. The new types of operations at very low level (VLL), below 500ft, are also explained and all aspects of ATM are addressed, as RPAS integration will impact all of them.


After completing the course, participants will have a basic understanding of the integration challenges for RPAS, which will be addressed from an ATM perspective.


Professionals from industry wishing to acquire an initial familiarisation with drones, or wishing to understand the context around their specific task.

Staff of aviation authorities (potentially) dealing with non-military drones for policy development, rule-making, certification, licensing and oversight.

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