Discover Air Traffic Control [GEN-INTRO]

Classroom Course
  Practical exercises
Many people with an interest in aviation or employed in the support of Air Traffic Services (ATS) such as CNS, AIS, MET, finance, legal service, human resources or administration etc, would like to understand more about the job of the Air Traffic Controller. The GEN - INTRO course has been designed to provide a basic understanding of today’s Air Traffic Management (ATM), and to experience the working environment for air traffic controllers through “hands-on” practical exercises using real-time simulators. The insight that they will acquire will help the participants to appreciate the role within the ATM system.
The aim is to give non-operational personnel, with an interest in aviation, the opportunity to understand and experience first hand the working environment and responsibilities of the job of air traffic controllers.
GEN – INTRO is a journey of discovery open to anyone interested or involved in ATC/ATM, eager to gain a better understanding what it feels like to be an air traffic controller. No prior Air Traffic Control (ATC) experience is required, but participants should have a good command of the English language.
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