SWIM - From Concept To Applications [IM-SWIM]

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The System Wide Information Management (SWIM) concept covers a complete paradigm change in how information is managed throughout its lifecycle and across the whole European ATM system. It is paramount that both consumers and providers of ATM information be fully prepared for this change.

The implementation of the SWIM concept will enable direct ATM business benefits to be generated by ensuring that the right information is available with the right quality to the right person at the right time in the most secure way, enabling the concept of net-centric ATM operations.

Given the transversal nature of SWIM, which is to cut across all ATM systems, data domains and business trajectory phases (planning, execution, post-execution), this is a subject that may be of interest to a wide range of ATM stakeholders.

This course will provide an overview of the ATM research & development, standardisation and regulatory contexts forming the basis of SWIM. It will present the main benefits expected from the implementation of SWIM, introduce the SWIM principles and concepts and explain the various elements used to implement SWIM.
To describe the SWIM concept
To describe the main SWIM Standards (Information, Services and TI)
To identify the information planned for iSWIM
To identify and apply the principles of the SWIM Registry
To describe the three SWIM Profiles
To recognise the SWIM institutional framework
To demonstrate general awareness of SWIM applications
This course takes place over 3 days.
Pilots, providers of ATM information, consumers of ATM Information, any person with overall responsibility for Information management within the ATM community.
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