Deployment of A-SMGCS services [APT-ASMGCS-DPL]

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This course provides in-depth knowledge of the Services (Surveillance, Airport Safety Support, Routing and Guidance) and requirements for an Advanced-Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (A-SMGCS) to support their deployment at an aerodrome. It mainly reflects the content of the EUROCONTROL Specification for A-SMGCS Services published on the 22nd of April 2020. 

The Airport Safety Support and the Routing Services are planned for synchronised deployment in a total of 24 airports in Europe, in accordance with the Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 716/2014 of 27 June 2014 [12] on the establishment of the Pilot Common Project (PCP).
This course elaborates on the experience gained from the European implementation of A-SMGCS Surveillance and Runway Monitoring and Conflict Alerting (RMCA) Services and includes the new Services (Airport Safety Support, Routing and Guidance) that have been subject to validation in the SESAR programme.
Basic knowledge of A-SMGCS surveillance and display systems
After a brief introduction of how the current status was reached and an overview of the available documentation the four A-SMGCS services and their sub-functions will be explained.
The experience from validations using the research platform Integrated Tower Working Position (ITWP) within the SESAR project will be disseminated.
The course also includes practical exercises with ITWP.
Personnel of airports/ANSPs that have installed A-SMGCS surveillance and that have sufficient knowledge of the A-SMGCS surveillance service, e.g. by attending one of the following EUROCONTROL courses: APT-ASMGCS-IMP or SUR-MLAT-ADSB

Manufacturers who produce A-SMGCS
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No fee applies for course participants from Member States’ competent authorities and certified organisations. The training cost is sponsored by the EUROCONTROL Work Programme.

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