Data Link Implementation in Europe [COM-DLK]

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The Data Link Services Implementing Rule (DLS IR), Commission Regulation (EC) 29/2009, amended by Regulation (EU) 2015/310, has been developed to support the Interoperability Regulation, in the framework of the Single European Sky (SES). Data link services, complementing controller-pilot voice communications, will be introduced in continuous and homogeneous parts of the airspace in the Single European Sky, starting with deployment by the ANSPs in the core area of Europe followed by the remaining ANSPs in Europe. In the mean time the airlines will be expected to equip as well via forward-fit and retrofit. Implementing dates are discussed in the course.
The aim of this course is to provide support to the airlines and to States with a view to their complying with the DLS IR in due time. To achieve this, the course will explain: a) the data link services ACM, ACL, AMC and DLIC, including message element semantics, b) the end-to-end communications service and protocols, and the air-ground sub-network technology ATN and VDL Mode 2 infrastructure, c) how the ground data processing and airborne avionics systems can be upgraded with the relevant functionalities, d) the ATS procedures for the operation of the identified data link services, e) the associated standard documents.
This course supports the successful implementation and operational use of data link services in Europe, achieved through a thorough understanding of data link services, the underlying technology and the impact on local regulation by every person involved.
Satellite communications, new data links and spectrum aspects are introduced in more detail in the context of SESAR and ICAO work, together with standardisation aspects.
Importantly, the new institutional roles of different involved stakeholders are also covered.
A strong element of the course is the sharing of lessons learned by experienced professionals in airlines, air navigation service providers and industry, who will present the subject from their perspective throughout the course.
After completing the course, participants will have the necessary understanding of the Data Link Services Implementing Rule to support the implementation of data link services in their own State. This knowledge will cover the applications (CM, CPDLC, FIS) and the technologies (ATN, VDL Mode 2) to be put in place, as well as the necessary steps for local approval and the associated relevant documentation.
This course is designed for those undertaking work related to the implementation of data link services. This includes management, technical and operational staff from ANSPs, airlines, and regulatory agencies.
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All candidates will receive a certificate of attendance.
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