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European Directory Service [COM-EDS]

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25 Jun 2019 10:00
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26 Jun 2019 16:00
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The European Directory Service (EDS) is specified as a common European directory facility while being open to support, to coordinate with and to integrate with States and Organisations outside Europe.
EDS adopted and refined the approach of the ATN Directory specified by ICAO Doc 9880 Part IV. As such, EDS has been designed in support of ATN applications. There is a wide support for AMHS but further, emerging applications such as SWIM can be supported as well as needs arise.
The Operational Concept of EDS takes into account the existing procedures and infrastructure for management and distribution of information related to aeronautical messaging which is maintained by the ATS Messaging Management Centre (AMC).
The course provides an introduction which covers X.500 Directory services in general as well as the ATN Directory specified by ICAO Doc 9880 Part IV. The Operational Concept of EDS forms the core of this course. The course closes with considerations on systems setup, validation and troubleshooting.
A general background in data communications technology, Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) and ATS Messaging Management will be useful.
After completing the course, participants will have a basic understanding of the underlying X.500 technology, the ATN Directory and EDS. In addition, participants will have information and skills that will assist them in deployment and use of local Directory implementations.
This course is designed for those who are or will be involved in planning, procurement, installation, operation and use of Directory implementations, i.e. engineering/technical, operational and procurement staff. It may also be of interest to users of Directory services and developers of systems making use of EDS.
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All candidates will receive a certificate of attendance.
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