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The ATS Message Handling System ( AMHS) has been specified by ICAO as the new message handling standard to replace the current AFTN/CIDIN (Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Network/Common ICAO Data Interchange Network).

This course provides an overview, suitable for technical, operational and managerial staff, of the messaging techniques and applications used in ATM. It addresses the current situation (AFTN/CIDIN), the near future (AMHS) and how to migrate to AMHS.

The course provides a summary of the planned implementation of AMHS in Europe and worldwide, and its coexistence with the AFTN/CIDIN.

The ATS Messaging Management Centre (AMC) and European Directory Services (EDS) are also presented.

Relevant Single European Sky Community Specification and a discussion of the position of AMHS in recent strategic plans (SESAR, etc.) are also included. The planned transition to SWIM - System Wide Information Management - is also discussed with examples, putting everything in the global ICAO GANP and ASBU context. Initial concepts related to SWIM transition and AMHS coexistence are introduced, as well as the role of a potential SWIM-AMHS gateway.

Practical experience from real AMHS operations is a highlight of this course, and a number of tutored group exercises will provide participants with the opportunity to apply - to their real life situations - the concepts explained in the course.
A general background in data communications technology and its application to ATM will be useful. The Ground Data Networks and Applications in Aviation course would provide suitable background knowledge.
After completing the course, participants will have a good understanding of the “big picture” of the ATS Message Handling System and its management. In addition, participants will have information and skills that will assist them in practical AMHS deployment plans and will be informed on the future plans for a possible transition to the next step, System Wide Information Management (SWIM).
This course is designed for those who are or will be involved in the planning, procurement, installation, operation and/or use of the current and future aeronautical messaging systems, i.e. technical, operational, managerial and procurement staff. It may also be of interest to users and developers of systems making use of ATS messaging technologies, and to NSA staff involved in corresponding system approval.
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