Performance Based Navigation Awareness [NAV-PBN-AWR]

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This course is designed to provide information and awareness on the PBN concept and its three components: the Navigation Infrastructure, Navigation Specifications and Navigation Applications.

Whether you are an airspace planner, a procedures designer, an air traffic controller, an aircraft operator, a regulator or simply interested in learning more about the subject, we believe that this course will help you to get a better understanding of area navigation and the performance-based navigation concept.
The course supports the ICAO Performance-based Navigation Manual (Doc 9613 Ed 4) and details the two European Commission Implementing Regulations, which mandate the use of PBN within European Airspace. These regulations are the Pilot Common Project Implementing Regulation (PCP IR – EU 716/2014) and the Performance-based Navigation Implementing Regulation (PBN IR – EU 2018/1048).
The course is structured into two sections:
 -  Introduction to Area Navigation and PBN, which includes:
  • Area Navigation and Routes
  • RNAV systems
  • Introduction to PBN
  • PBN concept
-  PBN Components, which includes the:
  • Navigation Specifications
  • Navigation Infrastructure
  • Navigation Applications
The overall objective of this course is to provide all stakeholders with a common understanding of PBN, the information in the PBN manual (ICAO Doc 9613 Edition 4) and the two European Commission Implementing Regulations which mandate PBN in European airspace.
All PBN stakeholders, including airspace designers, procedure designers, ATCOs, pilots, and other airspace users, regulatory authorities, data houses, and other ATM-related personnel
This course is free of charge.
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Charlie ELIOT
Course Manager