Performance Based Navigation (PBN) for ECAC [NAV-PBN]

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The EUROCONTROL Performance Based Navigation course, introduces the PBN concept which was initially released in 2008. The course discusses the evolution of the concept and explains the principles of PBN. The course then focuses on the three components of PBN: the Navigation Application, Navigation Specifications and the Navigation Infrastructure. Once these tenets are understood, the course considers how to implement PBN and follows the principles laid out in the European Airspace Concept Handbook for PBN Implementation. This document, to be re-released as Edition 4 in 2020, provides step-by-step guidance to support a successful PBN airspace change. Specifically focused on the European area, the handbook provides States excellent guidance on implementation and this document builds upon ICAO’s Doc 9992.
Finally, the European Commission has published the PBN Implementing Regulation (EU 2018/1048) which runs in parallel with the Pilot Common Project Implementing Regulation (PCP IR); the latter came into force in July 2014.  Both the PBN rule and the PCP IR influence the future development of navigation applications within European airspace over the next decade and both rule and regulation address the ICAO General Assembly Resolution (37/11) on the requirement for approach procedures with vertical guidance (APV) for all instrument runway ends; this ICAO resolution originally called for by a completion date of 2016. Therefore, the course will review the  impact of the PBN IR and will discuss ATM Functionalities (AF) #1 and #3 of the PCP both of which have specific requirements on PBN functionality.
This course provides an introduction to the PBN concept and a high level understanding of the differing navigation infrastructure and aircraft functionalities supporting to the different navigation specifications.

After completing the course, participants will:
- Understand the meaning and principles associated with area navigation (RNAV) and the PBN concept; and
- Explain the difference between RNAV and RNP specifications; and
- State which navigation applications support the different phases of flight; and
- State the minimum en-route and terminal requirements and timelines of the PBN IR; and
- Describe PBN implementation processes; and
- List the different stages of the PBN implementation processes.
This course takes place over 4 days.
This PBN course is primarily designed for anyone involved in the airspace or navigation domains.  However, the course is suitable for anyone who wishes to obtain a good understanding of PBN and the implementation processes that must be followed to enable a State, or region, to introduce a specific navigation application supporting a defined airspace concept.
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No fee applies for course participants from Member States’ competent authorities and certified organisations. The training cost is sponsored by the EUROCONTROL Work Programme. The price per course participant from other organisations or individuals is 1280 EUR.
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