ARTAS: Local ARTAS Maintenance and Operational Support[SUR-ARTAS-LAMOS]

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ARTAS (ATM Surveillance Tracker and Server) is the European state-of-the-art SDPS (surveillance data processing system). It is operational in an increasing number of European states and is being implemented in a number of other states for pre-operational evaluation. The latest versions of ARTAS support all modern surveillance techniques, such as Mode S, ADS-B, ADS-C and wide-area multi-lateration (WAM). This course is aimed at training ARTAS maintenance and operational support teams. After providing an overview of the concept of ARTAS; the course provides demonstrations of the system installation and functioning. Furthermore, the students have the opportunity to practise the knowledge gained, during extensive hands-on sessions.
The participants should have a basic knowledge of the surveillance techniques currently in use, and of data communication concepts. The participants would preferably
 - have attended the SUR-ARTAS course,
 - have advanced Computer (in particular Linux) knowledge,
 - have Experience in maintaining client server architectures.
After completing the course, participants will be able to perform the daily maintenance and the first level troubleshooting of the ARTAS system. They shall be able to install the system, to configure its Man Machine Supervision node and to operate the system from its new graphical user interface (as from version V8B3).
This course is designed for ARTAS maintenance and operational support teams.
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As of the 1st of January 2017, this course is subject to a User-Pays-Principle. Course registration is subject to a fee for all participants. The price per course participant is 1600 EUR.
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