Environmental impact assessments with IMPACT [ENV-IMPACT]

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IMPACT is a secure web-based application developed and hosted by EUROCONTROL. It is designed to support the evaluation of the amount of fuel burnt, as well as the noise emitted, and the greenhouse gases, particulate matter, and other air pollutants produced during flight operations. For this purpose, IMPACT includes an advanced aircraft-performance-based trajectory calculator using the most recent version of the ANP and BADA databases.

IMPACT has been thoroughly reviewed and approved by the ICAO Committee on Aviation Environmental Protection (CAEP) as one of the models suitable for conducting CAEP assessments. IMPACT's noise calculation package is compliant with the latest ECAC-CEAC Doc29 4th Edition, while keeping the possibility to compute noise contours according to the calculation method described in the 3rd Edition of Doc29.
Important Note
There are 2 different instances for this course: one course on noise impact assessment, and one course on emissions impact assessment.
During the “ Environmental impact assessments with IMPACT” training, participants will discover the different features and modelling capabilities of IMPACT. The training will be mainly based on practical examples.
This course takes place over 1 days.
The use of IMPACT requires some basic knowledge of the environmental impacts of aviation and of how to conduct environmental impact assessments. It is therefore recommended for participants to be familiarised in advance with the terminology and general concepts relating to the conduct of environmental impact assessments. For example, for noise assessment, it is recommended to have read the ECAC Doc 29, 4th edition Volume 1 (https://www.ecac-ceac.org/ecac-docs), which describes the principles, applications, and limitations of aircraft noise contour modelling. Before this training, an online presentation introducing this basic knowledge can be organised under request via impact@eurocontrol.int.

Priority will be given to those participating in the environmental validation activities of the SESAR programme.
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This course is sponsored for all users by EUROCONTROL as part of its support to its Member States and to the SESAR Joint Undertaking.
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