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ATSEP Human Factors Training Material [ATSEP-HUM]

Training Material
Available now
1 Month
max. study period
Course has prerequisites
For further information, contact Training Zone Operations.
This training material supports classroom-based teaching of Human Factors objectives in the ATSEP Common Core Content Initial Training Specification. The Human Factors subject is part of ATSEP Qualification training and as a shared subject, is relevant for all ATSEPs.

The material includes objectives that cover the following topics:
- Introduction to Human Factors
- Working Knowledge and Skills
- Psychological Factors
- Medical
- Organisational and Social Factors
- Communication
- Stress
- Human Error
Access to the preview/sample training material is only granted to Training Zone users working for an organisation that has the right to license this material. This will typically be a recognised training organisation of a EUROCONTROL member state.
Important Note
Note: The ATSEP Human Factors Training Material is intended to be delivered face-to-face as part of a wider course. As such, it is not available to the general public. Training providers and organisations who wish to make use of the material are requested to contact Training Zone Operations.
See EUROCONTROL ATSEP Common Core Content Initial Training objectives for the Qualification subject “Human Factors” in the Shared syllabus. 
This Training Material is designed for participants in ATSEP Qualification training (both instructors and learners)
​This Training Material has to be delivered face to face as part of an approved course. As such, it is not available to the general public. Administrations that want to use it under license (charges will apply) are kindly requested to contact trainingzone.operations@eurocontrol.int for further information.
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