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Human Factors Practitioner Programme [HUM-PRG-PP]

IANS has recognized the existing lack of Human Factors (HF) expertise in ATM. As more operational, technical or management personnel are willing to develop their expertise in the area of HF, we support them to be recognised as practitioner in their respective organisation for potential contributions in the domain of HF. This training programme has been developed specifically to fulfil this requirement.

The programme consists of:
  • 2 mandatory introductory classroom courses – SAF-HFA and HUM-DESIGN;
  • 2 mandatory e-learning courses – SAF-FAT and HUM-STRESS;
  • a minimum of 2 out of 4 optional specialised classroom courses - HUM-SFM, HUM-SYS, HUM-HF-CASE and HUM-TRM-A;
Candidates can choose more than 2 optional courses to follow.

By making their selection of 2 optional courses to follow, candidates are encouraged to choose their “specialised knowledge”. This means that in the cases where the participant will be involved in the assessment or development of concepts, HUM-HF-CASE and HUM SYS courses are the two that fit this profile the best. In cases where the participant will be involved in the delivery of the HF elements of the ATCO refresher training, the suggested courses to follow are TRM and SFM.

The diploma is also subject to the completion of a personal assignment (literature review or practical HF analysis) to be delivered within the year of completion of the program. The assessment of this assignment will evaluate the abilities of the participant to synthesise academic content, refer to and understand key HF concepts, get access to relevant literature and have a sound critical and analytical mind on HF topics. Details of this personal assignment will be agreed on and communicated while attending one of the two mandatory courses.
After completing this training programme, participants will be able to:
  • explain the essential HF concepts for ATM and elements of relevant applied psychology
  • provide support in projects related to HF and better integration of HF in operations.
Participants will also be aware of on-going regulatory developments concerning the role and the responsibilities of an HF Practitioner.
Operational, technical and organisational ATM personnel with tasks that include integrating Human Factors in their respective organisations.
Certificate awarded
Certificates will be awarded for each course. In addition, participants who complete the programme will be awarded a certificate of achievement.
Course fees are charged based on course registrations. Please see individual course description for more information.
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