Introduction to the effects of Stress [HUM-STRESS]

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In the current e-learning module, we'll cover several definitions and concepts of stress which will increase your knowledge of the state of the art on this topic.  This module will prepare you for the classroom course HUM SFM (stress and fatigue management) as well. We'll also talk about the various ways stress is created, raising your awareness and making you better at predicting when stress might occur, what caused the stress and how to identify and potentially mitigate it.
  • increase your understanding and knowledge of what stress is
  • introduce you to the history of stress research
  • help you to predict when stress might occur
  • be aware of ways to mitigate stress when it occurs
  • provide an introduction to the way in which stress affects ATC performance
All staff wishing to acquire a general knowledge of stress, mandatory for all participants on the HUM-SFM course
This course is free of charge.
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