Controller Competency Assessor - Refresher [HUM-CCA-R-V]

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This course is approved by the Belgian Supervisory Authority for Air Navigation Services (BSA-ANS) as compliant with Commission Regulation (EU) 2015/340 of 20 Feb 2015. Find out more about the approval and/or download the certificate.
This course provides experienced air traffic controllers who are competency assessors/examiners with refresher training that highlights and reinforces the knowledge and skills required to conduct effective assessments. The course encourages the active involvement of the participants. In addition to virtual instructor-led presentations, participants are expected to analyse different topics and to participate in and facilitate small working groups, and work on home assigned tasks. It is required that this course is taken by suitably qualified assessors at least every 3 years. As a practical element is part of this course, a valid Assessor endorsement will be required for all course participants.
On the last day of the course participants will require to take a theory exam. Upon satisfactory completion of the course (examination pass mark = 70%) each candidate is issued with a "Certificate of Accomplishment".
Theoretical examination conducted in the HUM-CCA-R-V course shall have the structure and format of standard TZ computer based test. In case of failure, candidate(s) will be issued a "Certificate of Attendance".
Participants must hold or must have held an air traffic controller licence with a valid Assessor endorsement.
Important Note
5 days scheduled over one week comprising:
  • 7 online live training sessions
  • 4 self-study exercises (homework) to be completed and submitted by email
The total effort expected from the course participants is 12 hours.
After completing the course, participants with previous controller competency assessment (CCA) experience will have undertaken refresher training that reinforces the knowledge and skills in assessment techniques needed by a competency assessor.
This course is designed for air traffic controllers who are (or who were) competency assessors or who have previously completed a CCA course.
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This course is subject to a User-Pays-Principle (UPP). Course registration is subject to a fee for all participants.

The price for all course participants is 640 EUR.
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Certificate awarded
Candidates passing the examination will receive a certificate of accomplishment. Other candidates will receive a certificate of attendance.