Systems Thinking for Safety [HUM-SYS-V]

Virtual Course
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  Practical exercises
To understand and improve the way that organisations work, we must think in systems. On this course, participants will explore 10 principles of systems thinking for safety to make sense of, and improve system performance. The principles also help with practical implementation of Safety-II (i.e. ensuring that things go right). A variety of systems thinking methods will be introduced.

The HUM-SYS course is delivered in a workshop format (in as much as virtual training delivery tools allow for this format) and provides a background understanding for the majority of the existing SAF and HUM Domain courses.
Important Note
This course is virtual alternative to the existing classroom HUM-SYS course.

Three (3) online live training sessions are scheduled over 3 consecutive days. The total effort expected from course participants is 7.5 hours.
The course will explore concepts of safety and systems, perspectives of the people in systems, system conditions, system behaviour and outcomes.
The course may be of interest to reach anyone involved in complex sociotechnical systems, but particularly managers, safety investigators, and safety representatives.
This course is free of charge. The training cost is sponsored by the EUROCONTROL Work Programme.
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Certificate awarded
All candidates will receive a certificate of attendance.
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