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ATM Occurrence Investigation and Analysis [SAF-INV]

Classroom Course
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  • Case studies with experts
  • Practical exercises

The course provides instruction on current best practices for systemic ATM safety investigation techniques, and the efficient use and synchronised interpretation of the SOAM guidelines. The course provides participants with the necessary references and a wide range of practical examples in the investigation of ATM safety occurrences.

The course is generic enough to be understandable and applicable across the ATM/ANS community around the world:

- whatever the institutional arrangements in place for the provision of ATM services;

- whatever the size of the “regulated” service provider organisations;

- whatever the cultural environment in which it is intended to be applied.
There is no preparatory work required to attend this course. However, if you have not already completed the Safety Management System in ATM [SAF-SMS, SAF-SMS-P] or the Introduction to ATM Safety Management System [SAF-SMS-A]] you may find it useful to register for it before enrolling in the SAF-INV course. These courses can be found in the Safety category of the Training Catalogue. As well, basic Human Factors knowledge could help participants for a better understanding of the topics presented during the course.
After completing the course, participants will appreciate the reason for conducting systemic safety occurrence investigations (including incidents and accidents) and be able to apply general investigation techniques. Participants will also be able to apply specific systemic investigation and analysis tools, including EUROCONTROL’s Systemic Occurrence Analysis Methodology (SOAM).

The course is designed for ATM service provider personnel with sound operational knowledge, who have been or are to be appointed as ATM occurrence investigators.

As well, participants coming from other organisations like CAAs/NSAs and Safety Investigation Authorities evaluated the course as being very useful for their day to day operations.
Certificate awarded
All candidates will receive a certificate of attendance.
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No fee applies for course participants from Member States’ competent authorities and certified organisations. The training cost is sponsored by the EUROCONTROL Work Programme.

The price per course participant from other organisations or individuals is 1600 EUR.
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