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Introduction to ATM Safety Management System [SAF-SMS-A]

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This course is designed as an introduction to all aspects of safety management in ATM. It aims to present the SMS implementation within an ANSP. To reinforce the learning points and trigger interaction between participants a number of real life examples and best practices of SMS implementation will be given. The objective is to improve participants' safety awareness and to help them understand their safety roles and responsibilities within their own organisation.

The SAF-SMS-A (Awareness) course constitutes a pre-requisite for all current courses within the SAF domain, particularly the Safety Manager course.
There are no pre-requisites to attend this course
Important Note

Present EU regulations mandate that Air Navigation Service Providers implement a Safety Management System (SMS). In the future, all service providers must implement a Management System but Air Navigation Service Providers will need to implement a SMS in addition to the Management System.

The SMS tasks are normally spread over three levels i.e. Corporate, Local and Safety Specialisation. The Safety Director/Safety Manager, who is responsible for the implementation, administration and overall operation of the SMS, is usually at the highest or corporate level. In large organisations these tasks are delegated to local safety managers, sometimes referred to as Safety Coordinators or Safety Officers. These persons therefore perform tasks similar to the Safety Managers but on a reduced (local) scale. In smaller organisations often this level is not used since it leads only to duplication of work without any significant benefits. The final level of the SMS involves a number of persons performing tasks related to only one element/area of the SMS. Such persons are called experts/practitioners/specialists and usually perform the role of Occurrence Investigator, Safety Assessor, Safety Surveyor or a combination of these roles.

It is recommended that before embarking on a career in SMS, whatever the level of activity, the employees receive basic knowledge of the whole SMS. Such knowledge ensures that they know the constituent elements of the SMS and understand the relationships and interaction of these elements. Thus this knowledge will be a great asset in assisting them when later they come to apply and analyse their particular area of SMS specialisation.

This course is designed to give the attendees a basic understanding of the elements and functions involved in a compliant ICAO and EASA Safety Management System (SMS). Thus the objectives of the course are to:

· understand the need for implementation of the SMS;

· describe the primary elements of the SMS;

· explain and summarise the links between the various SMS elements;

· enable participants to network and share information and materials with other attendees.

The course is open to all participants who have an interest in safety management or will be embarking on a career in safety management. Any person from the Air Navigation Service Providers or Regulatory Authority will benefit from attending it.
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All candidates will receive a certificate of attendance.
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No fee applies for course participants from Member States’ competent authorities and certified organisations. The training cost is sponsored by the EUROCONTROL Work Programme.

The price per course participant from other organisations or individuals is 960 EUR.
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