Safety Assessment and Assurance in SESAR [SAF-SRM]

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SESAR is bringing about significant changes to ATM with, inter alia, a much greater use of automation and a more strategically-based operational service, and is affording a greater delegation of ATM responsibility from the Controller to the Flight Crew.  From a safety perspective, SESAR represents a major challenge and this means that it is necessary to explicitly demonstrate that the correct functionality and performance is embedded throughout the lifecycle.  Finally, the sheer complexity of SESAR, its evolutionary nature and the dispersed and disparate nature of the many organisations contributing to SESAR generate the need for a tailored approach to the integration of safety into how to make the SESAR changes.
This recognition led to the development of a broader, while at the same time proportionate, safety assessment and assurance framework in the face of new operational concepts with SESAR.  This clear, complete, coherent and integrated approach to safety assessment and assurance in SESAR is described in the SESAR Safety Reference Material (SRM). You will learn about:
  • The embedded safety assessment/safety assurance process in SESAR system engineering/development
  • A practical guide on how to carry out safety assessments and develop safety assurance for SESAR throughout the lifecycle using the SRM
  • How the SRM makes possible a tailored and proportionate selection of safety assurance methods
The fundamental aspects of safety assessment/safety assurance as per the SRM for SESAR developments include maximising the ATM contribution to aviation safety, the role of safety risk modelling and the integration of Human Factors into safe(r) developments, with safety assessment being an inherent part of the system engineering process, etc.

Understanding of safety assessment principles, System development lifecycle (e.g. attendance of SAF-SA1).
This course offers comprehensive insight into the safety assessment / safety assurance of SESAR Project Managers/System designers/Developers/Practitioners need to know. Delegates will get both a theoretical and practical understanding on how to do safety assessment and develop safety assurance with the SESAR Safety Reference Material (SRM) to SESAR developments throughout the lifecycle.
The course is for staff involved in SESAR development and deployment including Safety Practitioners, Human Factors Experts, System Developers, and Project Managers from ANSPs, ATM/ANS ground manufacturers, and aircraft manufacturers, as well as Competent Authorities.
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