Management and Oversight of Changes [SAF-CHG-INTRO]

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This course is the entry point for two training programmes:

  • Management and assessment of changes - Reg 2017/373 [SAF-PRG-CHG-373]
  • Oversight of changes as per Reg 2017/373 [LEX-PRG-CHG-373].

This course provides an overview, from the perspective of both ATM/ANS service providers and the competent ATM/ANS authorities of:

  • the management of changes in ATM/ANS;
  • the process of change assessment, from a safety perspective (including safety assessment and safety support assessment for changes to the ATM/ANS functional system);
  • the process for the oversight of changes in ATM/ANS.

The course also highlights the relationship between the management and assessment of changes, including both quality and safety management systems, and the project lifecycle and project-related activities.
The course is consistent with Regulation No. 2017/373 and its relevant AMC/GM.
It combines theoretical and practical exercises based on both ATM and non-ATM examples of changes.

The SAF-CHG-BASIC e-learning course must be successfully completed before this course can be followed.
Completion of the LEX-SES-E e-learning course is recommended.
Important Note
This course is consistent with Regulation No. 2017/373 (laying down common requirements for providers of ATM/ANS and other ATM network functions and their oversight) and its Acceptable Means of Compliance (AMC) and Guidance Material (GM).
After completing the course, participants should be able to:
  • explain the generic steps required in a typical change management process;
  • explain the generic steps required in a typical safety (support) assessment process;
  • explain the relationship between change management processes and a quality and safety management system;
  • explain the relationship between safety (support) assessment processes, and both a quality/safety management system, and the project lifecycle and project-related activities;
  • explain the generic steps required in a typical process for the oversight of changes in ATM/ANS and explain the main roles and responsibilities (as regards changes in ATM/ANS), of - and the interactions between- providers of ATM/ANS services and the competent ATM/ANS authorities;
  • explain the main changes resulting from Regulation No. 2017/373 and its AMC/GM, compared with the regulations to be repealed, as regards the management, assessment and oversight of changes.
This course is designed for personnel working in the field of ATM/ANS, either for an ATM/ANS service provider or for a competent ATM/ANS authority.
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