ATM Occurrence Reporting and Investigation Tools [SAF-TOOLS]

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Occurrence reporting and investigation are vital elements of an effective and pro-active ATM Safety Management System. Once a safety occurrence has happened, a notification report must be filled in. This report will trigger the investigation process (information gathering based on facts, data analysis, drawing up of the conclusions and recommendations).

EUROCONTROL has developed a number of applications to support the complete investigation process and grouped them into a web tool named eTOKAI (Toolkit for ATM Occurrence Investigation) which provides the means for notification of the occurrence and enables a harmonised application of relevant safety regulations: ICAO Annex 13 - Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation, EUROCONTROL Safety Regulatory Requirements (ESARRs), relevant EC/EU directives/regulations).

The eTOKAI web tool includes the RAT (Risk Analysis Tool) which provides a method for a consistent and coherent assessment of the risks induced by the different hazards identified in the system. It also allows users to effectively prioritise actions designed to reduce the effect of those risks.

The course is based on the practical application of the different tools to a number of real-life occurrences. These tools are suitable for application in operational, engineering, and support environments.


It is strongly recommended that participants will complete the EUROCONTROL ATM Safety Occurrence Investigation and Analysis [SAF-INV] course. As well, knowledge of the Safety Management Systems’ implementation will help participants for a better understanding of the topics presented during the course.

Important Note

This course is highly recommended for learning and practising the EUROCONTROL’s web-tools package (eTOKAI) developed for safety occurrences investigation and assessment including the use of the methodology behind the RAT tool which is one of the Safety KPIs required by the EU Performance Scheme Regulation.


After completing the course, participants will know how to use the eTOKAI - EUROCONTROL’s web tool supporting the safety occurrences reporting and investigation processes as well as safety data analysis and exchange.

This course takes place over 5 days.

This course is designed for those routinely involved in ATM occurrence investigation processes, at either service provider or state level using or planning to use/evaluate the different tools developed by EUROCONTROL. It may also be of interest to personnel who are involved in the safety analysis of occurrences, the exchange of safety data, and the regulation addressing the reporting and investigation activities.

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