OJTI Blended Training Materials [HUM-OJTI-B]

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For further information, contact Training Zone Operations.
The requirements for competence and issue of an air traffic controller On-the-Job Training Instructor (OJTI) endorsement include to have successfully completed an approved OJTI course during which the required knowledge and pedagogical skills were assessed through appropriate examinations.

This Training Material is designed to be used as part of a course which consists of :
- the e-Learning training
- the classroom/practical training

The e-learning part of the course aims at providing future OJTIs with the theoretical knowledge necessary to progress to the second stage of the training containing practical application of the learned OJTI techniques and skills.

​The course as a whole uses different methods to foster the learning of the participants such as theory in the e-learning module, group discussions, simulations and role plays in the classroom part. Generally, users allocate about 50% of the trainee learning time to the e-learning part and 50% to the classroom/practical part to create a 10 day blended training programme.
Important Note
Note: This Training Material package does not constitute a full OJTI training course. It should be used in conjunction with additional classroom training. As a result, it is not available to the general public. Training Providers wanting to use it are kindly requested to contact Training Zone Operations.
The OJTI Training course aims at developing the necessary foundation skills to train student or trainee controllers in the operational (live) environment.
ATCOs selected as future On-the-Job Training Instructors
​This Training Material has to be delivered face to face as part of an approved course. As such, it is not available to the general public. Administrations that want to use it under license (charges will apply) are kindly requested to contact for further information.
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