Management of Changes [SAF-PRG-CHG]

Important Note
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This is version 1 of this training programme, which is consistent with regulations No. 1035/2011, 1034/2011 and 482/2008. These regulations will be repealed by the new regulation laying down common requirements for service providers and the oversight in ATM/ANS and other ATM network functions (based on EASA opinion 03/2014). A new version (v2) of this programme covering this new regulation is available. Given the significant differences, no credits can be transferred between versions.
After completing this training programme, participants will have a solid understanding of the management and assessment (from a safety perspective) of changes in ATM/ANS, and will be able to assist in the: 
  • management of changes in ATM/ANS
  • safety assessment and safety support assessment of changes to the ATM/ANS functional system.
This course is designed for personnel working for a provider of ATM/ANS services who are actively involved (i.e. contributing or coordinating) in the safety assessment and/or safety support assessment of changes to the ATM/ANS functional system.
Certificate awarded
Participants who complete the programme will be awarded a certificate of achievement.
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