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Network Operations serves the Aircraft Operators and Air Traffic Services. The vital link at local level in ATFCM operations is the Flow Management Position (FMP). The training of FMP personnel is essential for the success of ATFCM operations. This course is part of a modular training programme for FMP staff consisting of two classroom-based modules (one week each), supported by web based training modules, and a refresher module for suitably qualified staff. This is the refresher, a classroom-based course: FMP Module 4, a regionally focused ATFCM Refresher Course for FMP staff. This is a regionally focused 4 day course, with individual course participation being broadly aligned towards the Functional Airspace Blocks concept. The course, which will be held at Network Operations in Brussels, will concentrate more on regional issues and their impact on the Network. For ease of reference they will be referred to as Module 4-NORDIC, Module 4-CENTRAL, Module 4 -SOUTH EAST etc.

Content Demonstrations and exercises in a classroom/simulated environment in order to improve understanding in FMP/NMOC interaction, the application of CHMI and available methods for ATFCM problem resolution.

- It is the fourth part of the successive modular ATFCM training package
- Although recommended, the Module 4 does not require the completion of the previous Modules
- The included WBT More about ATFCM [NMO-ATFCM-MORE-E] must be completed before attending this Module

The FMP courses consist of 4 Modules. - Module 1 is the "Introduction to ATFCM" and "Ops Room Tour" web based training modules in the FMP Refresher Training - Module 2 is a 1-week theory course taking place in Luxembourg - Module 3 is a 1-week practical course taking place in Brussels - Module 4 is a 4-day regionally focused refresher course taking place in Brussels
A pre-requisite E-learning module exists for this course which must be completed before attending. It can be accessed from the Syllabus tab in the Classroom page (see below).
Important Note
FMP-4 course will be provided on an On-Request basis only. Contact Course Reservation Office for more information.
- To increase the awareness of the need to consider the pan-European theatre when formulating plans
- To be able to recognise the benefits of using Collaborative Decision Making and other techniques, when coordinating ATFCM, or non-ATFCM solutions
- To demonstrate the thought processes involved in correctly establishing the mechanism necessary to enable successful solutions to ATFM problems to be achieved
- To demonstrate some of these mechanisms
This course is only for Flow Management Position staff, ATS managers and personnel who are directly involved in the daily operation of Network Operations and the Flow Management Position concept.
Certificate awarded
All candidates will receive a certificate of attendance.
No fee applies for course participants from world-wide airspace users and participants from Member States’ competent authorities and certified organisation. The training cost is sponsored by the EUROCONTROL Work Programme. The price per course participant from other organisations or individuals is 1200 EUR.
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