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The main element in the air traffic control system is the human. Knowing the basic elements of the way humans operate is essential to assure that the system remains safe.
Perception, Attention, Memory, understanding, planning, information processing, problem solving and decision making are some of the capabilities and processes that human apply to manage their activity and to interact with their environment. On the basis of this information and our mental processes, we make decision.
The training package is aligned with the Human Factors subject in the Common Core Content Basic Training syllabus.
Important Note
This course has been retired as of February 2017. Participants who have started the course will be allowed to finish it.
This training will provide an understanding of the capabilities of the human, the way in which we process information and our limits. It addresses Perception, Cognition, Attention and Memory as covered in the human factors subject in common core content during Basic Training.
Ab Initios; and for any audience wishing to develop an understanding of human factors topics.
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This course is free of charge.
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