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Human Factors subject is included into the initial ATCO training because it is assumed that a better understanding of the human performance and of its limits (such as making errors) contributes to the improvement of this performance. The subject includes measures of prevention and protection and proposes a proactive and systematic approach to safety. SAFER uses incident or accident reports to describe errors in the context of Air Traffic. It introduces various theoretical approaches, classifies error types and uses both everyday and ATC examples.
Important Note
This course was retired in Feb 2017. All students who have started will be given the time to complete the course.
  • To provide an understanding of human errors and of safety and to explain the relationship between error and safety.
  • To provide an appreciation of the different types of error that can be made and to differentiate between errors and violation, and describe error-prone conditions.
Ab Initios; and for any audience interested in safety and errors.
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All candidates will receive a certificate of completion.
This course is free of charge.
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