Human Factors Case [HUM-HFC]

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The HF Case is a process developed by EUROCONTROL to systematically manage the identification and treatment of HF issues as early as possible in a project lifecycle.
The HF Case methodology is designed to provide:
• An explicit way to manage HF issues
• A checklist and traceability for HF issues as the project evolves
• Risk minimisation for HF issues occurring at a critical stage
• Ownership within the project team for HF
• Improved decision-making, resource and budget justification for HF.
Important Note
This course has been retired as of February 2017. Participants who have started the course will be given the opportunity to finish it.
This module provides a general overview of the HF Case process and its application in ATM. The main objectives are to: • Highlight the risks of communications breakdown. • Assist in the reflection of why these breakdowns may happen. • Suggest ways of how to overcome these difficulties.
HF specialist, project managers, safety, validation, training and staffing personnel.
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