Human Factors Case [HUM-HFC]

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The HF Case is a process developed by EUROCONTROL to systematically manage the identification and treatment of HF issues as early as possible in a project lifecycle.
The HF Case methodology is designed to provide:
• An explicit way to manage HF issues
• A checklist and traceability for HF issues as the project evolves
• Risk minimisation for HF issues occurring at a critical stage
• Ownership within the project team for HF
• Improved decision-making, resource and budget justification for HF.
This module provides a general overview of the HF Case process and its application in ATM. The main objectives are to: • Highlight the risks of communications breakdown. • Assist in the reflection of why these breakdowns may happen. • Suggest ways of how to overcome these difficulties.
HF specialist, project managers, safety, validation, training and staffing personnel.
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